Stephen Mansfield

Verifier – Consultant – Trainer

Stephen is a recognised MPI Food Verifier and Wine Verifier.

Stephen has been involved in developing, implementing and auditing since the mid 1990’s.

In Stephen’s spare time he likes to play the violin (aka fiddle when he is playing Irish traditional), home maintenance for everything except plumbing and electrics and walking. Stephen’s happy place is the Coromandel, a wedding as long as it is not his and any reason for a social gathering.


What clients say about Stephen:

  • Our staff were appreciative of your patient and understanding manner. It was great that you could take moments of apprehension and transform them into teachable moments. Thank you for your time and attention.
  • I really enjoyed our audit with Stephen. He was so friendly, firm but fair on comments and feedback. I love working with the team. Thank you for your great service.
  • Great to meet you and experience a different perspective on how to audit. Really enjoyed the quick rapport you were able to build with people and give effective prompts/rewording questions with those that were clearly nervous.